"[W]hen we are dealing with things like racism or identity as forged by race and ethnicity, we're not allowed room to feel more than one emotion. We can't feel disgust AND delight. We can't take something seriously and joke about it without one reaction canceling out or beating the snot out of the other. And that shit is alienating."

~Jenny Zhang, via Coldfront

Or, having a woman's body. or being the encapsulated cells of impression. or being the shape of tables stacked on other tables, the correct perspective being the one where nothing slides.


New World Translations


Season is glove is movement
            report (oh!)  wait       flowers—


afternoon                                 3ohclock
                        not even brown, gray
                                                   (let you in?...)

[eye]<--hehe, love         is

probably not a bug or an eyelid

also not a promise       given this abundant treasure

Chika Sagawa (1911-1935), Japan
(anti)-translated by Sawako Nakayasu, 2011
“translated” by Sarah Cook, 2012 

(via New World Poetry)