on Failure

which is muddy; persistent, but not done shaping itself.

thinking about multiplicity, post-gender, monstrosity, body-failure...

i would recommend anything on this site.

i'm going to let things stir; waiting; 8.25.2013.

i plan to write, but i may fail.

in the meantime:

"Clarice Lispector wrote a sentence in Portuguese. Idra Novey translated it as, 'The unsayable can be given me only with the failure of my language.' I’ve been thinking about how best to fail in this piece. And in failing come to say this thing that I haven’t been able to say. Or maybe not even to say it, but to talk around it for a while, ambling. I wonder if doubt can drive a narrative. I wonder: how queer is doubt?"

from John Pleucker at Evening Will Come, and then:

"When I proposed ekphrasis as an operational model for ARTPOP, I was attempting to embrace what was already apparent before 'Applause' dropped: namely, Gaga’s play with concepts of failure and faltering – which importantly sets this new work apart from the 'It Gets Better' drive of the Born This Way period. It is in this lust for failure that Gaga truly has the potential to excel. Not only because she is acknowledging current opinions about her or her (literal) bodily failure that forced her to take time off, but because it engages with a crucial part of the queerness of Gaga’s work."

Roland Betancourt, at Gaga Stigmata.

let's see what happens.

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