"Believe the birds."

"...not the thing presented," (i.e. the poem) "but that which is represented by the thing, shall be the source of the pleasure." The thing the poem represents. "In this sense nature itself is to a religious observer the art of God." If we hope to create poems which represent the things we deem representable. Language or action, meaning or none. We are invested either way, simply by taking a breath.

"...and for the same cause art itself might be defined as of a middle quality between a thought and a thing," (what exists between the sign and the signifier, anyway?!...) "or, as I said before, the union and reconciliation of that which is nature with that which is exclusively human." We create art that is beyond ourselves, beyond pulse, blood, skin. If we create something between Nature and ourselves, and god creates Nature,...what does he/she have to reconcile, anyway? What is on the other side of god/nature?

Is it temporary. Is it even meaningless?

"Poet, / Be like God."


  1. "Is it even meaningless?"

    Between the sign and the signifier is the difference. The differences, Proust (via Deleuze) would have us believe, lead us to essences, which are Truth, I think.